Encrypted RunAs for 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

1.1 (Build #24) – 29/11/2012

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  • CHANGED – Changed the way the program handles UAC
  • IMPORTANT please add a file in the path of the program called erunas.ini to use the new method, if ERunAs.exe is in c:\windows then you may need to create the ini file on the desktop then drag it into the C:\Windows folder.
  • CHANGED – New Encrypted RunAs shortcuts use a new encryption key (v11), so shortcuts created with this version are not compatible with versions below 1.1.23 (which use v10). Shortcuts created with version below version 1.1.23 are still compatible (Run/Open), but if they are re-saved using version 1.1.23 they will use the new encryption key (v11).
  • FIXED – Critical security issue if the remap network drives is selected.
  • CHANGED – Removed Forum button.
  • CHANGED – The Installer and the ERunAs.exe is now digitally signed ‘Paul Rewston‘, you may see the popup shown below when you install the update.

(This is the Domain/Single Computer trial Version, shortcuts created expire after 3 days. With a purchased license key it becomes the Single Computer licensed version or Unlimited Computer/1 Domain version).

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS: If you require the latest silent install version (deploys only the ERunAs.exe to Windows directory, no start menu icons) Click here

Encrypted RunAs Manual (PDF)

Click here to download the Encrypted RunAs Manual

This is the PDF version of the manual that is contained in Encrypted RunAs.